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Programme Statement



Circus want our programme to track the shifting demographic of the Highlands & Islands and focus on the hidden, forgotten and unheard voices within our community. We want to diverge from Highland cliches and traditional notions of romanticism to reveal unexplored narratives and illustrate the interweaving, international cultures of our place.

Though we are a relatively new artist-run initiative, we have committed to building a public programme around contemporary visual arts, going forward we want to amplify a wider diversity of voices, places and experiences and promote equality, with a particular focus on non-dominant narratives and communities.


We enjoy bringing people from our broad audience of ages and interests together to create memorable experiences. Our aim is to develop events which are inclusive and build on these highly valued moments of commonality and community.

Sadie Stoddart_PHOTO-collage.jpg

Image courtesy of Sadie Stoddart, BLM photography collage, Inverness, 2020

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