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In our first year we aim to:

  • Offer high quality, contemporary exhibitions and work to support artists and projects that share our aspirations (8 exhibitions);

  • Develop connections to national and international networks of artists by building relationships with artists visiting the UK to host them in Inverness as well as exchange projects with other national artist-run spaces;

  • Host 4 graduate internships - each will last two months. Graduate interns will develop their professional practice knowledge and skills through actively taking part in all aspects of the galleries projects and events. During this period they will be encouraged and supported by the core committee to develop new work with mentoring/peer review sessions and a fee;

  • Host regular free talks on different aspects of artists’ practices as well as social meet-ups (12 events);

  • We will share skills and resources, as well as the support our local Highland community by facilitating workshops, reading groups and critical discussions/salons (6 events);

  • We will work with other disciplines to deliver film nights, music, architecture and more.

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