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Beamer 5




Beamer is an ongoing nomadic project curated by Moray based artist Georgina Porteous and works with submissions from a diverse group of practitioners.  Beamer only features artwork that can be projected ie: light/shadow, film, photography and sound.  It is curated in an interpretative and site specific way, 

using the material and space to direct presentation decisions.  This often involves editing, collage, and creative positioning. 


Brian Hewitt

Brian is a creative technologist interested in the intersection of art, design, and science. He studied physics as an undergraduate at American University in Washington, DC and received his MFA from Edinburgh College of Art. In addition to creating various forms of new media artwork, his career has included time as a science and environmental writer and producer for international radio programs. He has also worked as an interactive designer and developer for science and art organisations, including the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and Corning Museum of Glass. He currently lives in Corning, NY, USA.


The House of Automata

The House of Automata is a specialist automata company run by Michael and Maria Start, based in Forres, Moray.  In their film of Monsieur Leotard, a sand-powered automata made in England circa 1865, the sand falls onto a paper wheel propelling the circumlocutions of the little acrobat in a chaotic manner. 


Mike Inglis

Mike’s practice explores the creative possibilities that exist between public art and outsider art. He enjoys making publicly-sited work that explores transitional spaces that "outsider art" often inhabits, as well as bleeding these practices into work for more traditional gallery spaces. He is particularly interested in found materials and adhoc-ist approaches to construction. The focus of his research engages in a direct dialogue with outsiders or isolated communities, their dogmas or doctrines becoming the core of shared dialogues. He is interested in exploring ideas that surround superstitions and belief systems, in a wide variety of outputs from installations and films to drawing and printmaking. 


Wendy Kirkup & Moray School of Art

Students at Moray School of Art produced this experimental work during a 16mm film workshop run by Wendy Kirkup. This practical session, following a seminar examining the films of Margaret Tait, explored hand-painted animation, elements of which appear in some of Tait's works. Each student was given 10 foot of clear 16mm film leader and invited to draw, paint and scratch their own designs along the strip. This was interspersed with existing footage which they also marked. These strips were then assembled together forming a work of around 4.5 minutes. Its appearance is very rough and ready, reflecting the speed with which it was made. However, this experiment in film making feels joyous and celebratory.


Lukasz Kulec

After graduating in Documentary Film Directing at Edinburgh College of Art, Lukasz started to work freelance as a doc camera operator. He loves paying attention to detail and moments in life, stitching them together to recreate the world he experiences. Dance plays an important role in his practice as it draws on an emotional landscape within himself and attunes him to the present moment. 


Olga Ledis (Karyakina)

Olga is a visual artist working with range of media including installation, sculpture, video and printmaking. She initially studied Environmental Design, and later Design at Moscow State University of Printing Arts. She has been selected for a number of art residencies, such as UNIDEE Cittadellarte (Italy), Home Base (Germany), and Cambridge Sustainability Art Residency. Her work has been exhibited internationally at solo and group exhibitions. In 2015, Olga moved to the USA.


Mark Lyken & Emma Dove

Mark Lyken is an artist working in film and sound. He makes film, video installations and sound works that have explored place, identity and the interplay between nature, industry and culture. His work has been presented in Brazil, Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico, India, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Italy and widely across the UK.  Emma Dove makes films and installations, collaborating with artists, musicians, academics and scientists. ‘Hidden stories’ are at the core of her work with a current research interest in cross-cultural death practices and taboos. Both are based in rural Dumfriesshire, Scotland.


Roger & Reid

Artists Graeme Roger and Kevin Reid have worked on collaborative projects since 2003 after graduating from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design.  Roger & Reid are interested in cultural oddballs, outsiders and psychotropic adventures in the landscape. Graeme Roger is currently a Producer of Film & Visual Art Projects at Eden Court Theatre. Kevin Reid is a Creative Producer at The Stove Network in Dumfries.


Camila Rhodi

Camila studied at the Academy of Fines Arts in Vienna. She has shown her work widely, including at the Parallel Program of Manifesta in Russia, the WRO Art and Media Biennale in Poland, Bienalsur in Argentina and  viennacontemporary, Vienna Parallel and Vienna Art Week in Austria. Her live performances, videos and multimedia installations deal with topics such as love, loneliness, sexual violence, gender and sexuality. Camila’s unflinching honesty, intensely personal, self-deprecatory and poetical humorous, confessional works never fail to drop her audiences’ defences.


Len Router

Originating from Portsmouth, Len moved to Bath and finally Findhorn, Moray three years ago. He followed a career as a dockyard, then drawing office, engineer and worked in hospital radio.  He’s had a lifetime interest in photography and filming movies starting on, now extinct, 9.5mm film stock while in Portsmouth, then cine-camera with new, at the time, Super 8 format.  He also took wedding and theatre photographs whilst in Bath. Now, being less mobile, he broadcasts with Angel Radio, a charity-based station.


Georgina Porteous and SiD Innes

A collaborative performance piece by Georgina Porteous, creator of Beamer, and Sid Innes who have been working together for 10 years on multiple projects. These include The Blackbox award in the Glasgow Arches and an ongoing OCD film installation project. Georgina's roots are in Theatre/TV/Film and Fine Art, while Sid is a singer-songwriter-music producer with a background in music and creative sound production.


Charis & I

Charis & I is a Scottish-based artist working in performative film and writing. Having studied at Moray School of Art and Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art respectively, Charis & I currently leads the Committee for GENERATORprojects and focuses her practice on the collection, study, and celebration of working class art and culture.

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