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Crossing Thresholds

Annie Cattrell

Our graduate intern, Isabel McLeish has been speaking to artists over the summer to find out about how the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has impacted their lives and art practice. The aim of the conversations is to give artists the opportunity to discuss their experiences of lockdown and current circumstances, how their practice may have changed or adapted as well as explore how they intend to move forward and make work in the new normal.

Annie Cattrell was born in Glasgow and studied Fine Art at Glasgow School of Art, and completed MA’s at the University of Ulster and at the Royal College of Art. Her practice is often informed by working with specialists in neuroscience, meteorology, engineering, psychiatry and the history of science. This cross-disciplinary approach has enabled her to learn about cutting edge research and in depth information in these fields. She is particularly interested in the parallels and connections that can be drawn between art, science and the poetic.


Annie reflects on her artistic practice and work as a lecturer and discusses what she was working on when lockdown began, such as her residency with An Lanntair on the Isle of Lewis. She talks about the joy of growing sunflowers in her garden in London, her love of audible books which she listens to while driving or drawing and her thoughts on the links between science and art.

Film by Isabel McLeish, conversation recorded on Tuesday 28th July 2020, 24 minutes

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