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Crossing Thresholds 

Mike Inglis

Circus' Graduate intern, Isabel McLeish has been speaking to artists over the summer to find out about how the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown has impacted their lives and art practice. The aim of the conversations is to give artists the opportunity to discuss their experiences of lockdown and current circumstances, how their practice may have changed or adapted as well as explore how they intend to move forward and make work in the new normal.

Artist Mike Inglis is based in Fife and lectures at Edinburgh College of Art. Mike's practice deals with and explores links between public art and outsider art. He enjoys making publically sited work that explores transitional spaces that "outsider art" often inhabits as well as bleeding these practices into work for more traditional gallery spaces. Mike is particularly interested in found materials and adhocist approaches to construction, creating structures using discarded materials and when dismantled are completely recycled or repurposed in other projects. He is interested in exploring ideas that surround superstitions and belief systems in a wide variety of outputs from drawing and printmaking to installation work. 

During this conversation, Mike reflects on his practice and his interest in outsider art. He talks about his projects in Finland and Sweden, the struggles of making work in a period of uncertainty and his perspective on and hopes for the future of both art and Scotland.

Film by Isabel McLeish, conversation recorded on Friday 14th July 2020, 26 minutes

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