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SUNDAY 13 JUNE, 7:30 - 8:00PM



'With excitement comes the announcement of my first curated show, fresh out the lockdown oven. From the months spent in lockdown putting my thoughts and feelings into this fashion
collection its extremely exciting and surreal to finally have them showcased along with some talented designers that I felt deserved to have their work showcased along with me, there will be pieces by designers, Tyra Scally, Lizi Kiddier, Megan Armour, Jade Power and myself Taylor Black.'

This fashion show has been co-ordinated by our current intern Taylor Black. Since studying textiles at West Highland College UHI, Taylor has spent a month learning traditional art & textiles techniques in a Slovakian Art School (2019) as well as undertaking an internship with Nonchalant fashion house in Torlundy (2020 - 2021).  His recent project for Highland Youth Arts Hub, having received their Creative in your Community  award, brought together his interests in fashion and mental health to develop a collection of t-shirts and regular community art and wellbeing sessions.

Fashion Show lead image.jpg

Taylor Black    Brand: Prolusion
Throughout all the lockdowns, many questions came up. One being what goes into personal growth, what you go through to feel fulfilled and successful from the space of defeats and triumphs came my two final prints. I took this thought and ran with it as I sought the outcome of channelling these thoughts to be a positive. The prints I created were developments of the space of personal growth captured in a visual atmosphere. Beginning with ink blots to reflect ones used in therapy, I developed these into a graphically designed print on black marbled velvet fabric.

The collection includes:

  • Prolusion print boxing shorts, featuring high waisted elastic, side panel.

  • Prolusion/Totem print hoodie, featuring black silk lining, elastic cuffs, lace opening.

  • Prolusion print corset, featuring fully lace opening, tailored interior, steel metal bone structure and black silk lining.

  • Nonchalaunt x Prolusion collaboration, from my previous internship at ‘Nonchalaunt’ a Highland fashion brand by designer Gemma carver. Faux leather jacket collection, gold tassel jacket crossed with a Prolusion print gown design.

  • plus other custom painted clothing, upcycled fashion, masks and screenprint designed tie dye & bleached shirts for sale, matching the new collection.

Instagram: @Tayblk_

Megan Armour: I'm still developing my own skills, especially since I have been sewing for less than a year. I don't quite know my style yet but I am enjoying the process of figuring it all out and making new things.

Lizi Kiddier: I am inspired by our beautiful skies from dusk through to dawn, and the many organic shapes and bright colours that come with it. I have spent time developing my fabric manipulation skills on natural, more pliable jersey fabrics and a range of different silks. I aim for contrast both in colour and in style but with a matching intention.

Tyra Scally: My work normally consists of tie dye, custom bleaching, upcycling garments and making some clothes too. I’m currently in first year of my HND in Fashion Design at Glasgow Clyde college but on the side I dye, bleach and customise clothes. I love designing and creating totally out there garments and statement pieces. My two creations for this show are totally out there inspired by the rain on me music video rain on me Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande. The colour scheme and vibes are from their costumes for the music video but with a twist.

Instagram: @ts.custom.designs

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