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Posted by Hester Grant - May 2020

I graduated from Moray College in 2016 and hadn’t had a chance to really connect with a contemporary art community until this internship. Without Circus, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity available to me in the Highlands.


During my internship, I invigilated, set up and dismantled exhibitions. I also did some admin such as minute taking. Setting up exhibitions was quite nerve racking for me. However, since setting up three exhibitions, I believe I am now a lot more confident in my ability in doing this. These three exhibitions were all extremely different when it came to the set up and feel of the show. One show- Above the Belt, was mainly made up of paintings while Waterscapes featured two sound pieces, drawings and two boats. The variety of mediums Circus supports is extremely beneficial to the interns Circus takes on and the audience. This variety was incredibly inspiring and pushed me to create work using different mediums. 

Inversesh Cover.jpg

One ambition of mine was to run Inverness’ first Zine Fest. Through my internship this became a project of mine. I created an open call and researched organisations dedicated to zines. Attending a zine festival in the Highlands is a dream of mine that I never thought could be made possible, let alone organise one. However, due to the effects of COVID-19 the Zine Fest has been postponed until Spring 2021. The members of Circus were supportive of me creating an online zine. This has given me a creative project to focus on while we’ve been in lockdown. Through creating this online exhibition, I have been able to approach other artists and curate their work in an online setting. This has made me more confident when it comes to approaching and collaborating with other artists.  


Getting involved in exhibitions and working with artists was incredibly inspiring and led to me apply for a masters at Glasgow School of Art and getting accepted into the MLitt Fine Art Practice programme. The experience of this internship will be beneficial when it comes to applying for jobs and residencies. I would highly recommend doing an internship with Circus to any fine art graduate wanting to gain valuable experience in the industry. Circus has been extremely valuable to Inverness and the Highlands. I hope to continue to work with and support Circus in the future.

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