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A massive thank you to The Highland Society of London for their continuing support into our forth year of graduate internships/ fellowships from April 2022.  Without their support, we wouldn’t have been able to aid in the development of recent art graduates based in the Highlands over the past year, giving them the opportunity to utilize and expand their skills and gain hands on experience in the field of contemporary art. The renewal of the Society’s grant will enable us to provide these opportunities for more new graduates over the coming year and will continue to have a positive impact on the individuals and the wider community.

Find out more about the Highland Society of London.

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Our 2022 projects 'Inland Navigation' and 'Guardians of the Gateway' were supported by Historic Environment Scotland.


2022 Graduate Associates exhibitions programme supported by the Hope Scott Trust.


2021/22 programme is supported by funding from Creative Scotland's Open Fund and we are working in partnership with UHI and XpoNorth to deliver the Graduate Associates. 


Wasps Studios supported us with free space at Inverness Creative Academy in 2019 - 2021; as part of their Arts Enterprise Programme.

CiRCUS ARTSPACE was part of Creative Scotland's Crowdfunding Creatively pilot scheme with training & mentoring from Paved with Gold. 

Huge thank you to all our Founding Supporters

for their donations: Jim Mooney, Cathy Shankland, Bobby McCarthy, Lorna Campbell, Anna Hawkins, Jack Kay, Fiona Percy, David Body, Philip Mallard, Jon Thomson, Linda Forsyth, Leon Patchett, Catherine Carr, Mairi Mcfadyen, Andrew Tognarelli, Alison Smith, Georgina Coburn, Sarah James-Gaukroger, Kirstie Cohen, Andrew Dawson, Roddy McKenzie, Ian Barr, Alex Ogilvie, Calum & Mairi Macaulay, Clive Brandon, Joanna Wright, Morag Smith, Alexandria Patience, Adrian Farrow, Catherine Feggans, Catherine MacNeil, Martin Minton, Julia Smith, Lindsay Dunbar, Gordon Dickson, Andy Macvicar & Marley the dog, Misha Somerville, Mike Smith & Jackie Cuddy, Shona & Colin Macduff-Duncan, Mary & Brian Rushby, Margie Ramsay, Anne Duncan, David Somerville, Karen Dick, Robert Reid, Micky Johnson, Graeme Roger, Lynne Strachan, Colin O'Brien, Ailsa Strange, Anne Christie, Andrew Christie, Janet Christie, Diana A Sykes, Mairi Benton, Amy Anderson, Ailsa Robertson, Matt Sillars, Sam Banister, Caroline Inckle, Frith & Peter Zerfahs, Jill Meighan, Mairi Strachan, Billy Kinnear, Rachel Fermi, Anna Low, Margaret Moore, Kirsteen Smith, Jean Urquhart, Polly Chapman, Lucy Woodley, Kaye Christie and others.

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