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Posted by Holly Osborne - November 2019

As part of my internship with CIRCUS Artspace, I wanted to gain some more experience in tutoring. I’d done a couple of workshops in the past but wanted to offer a free class to try out some new ideas. Aiming to connect with some of the local community, we offered the class to the older residents of the Crown, marketing by Instagram and distributing flyers in the area.

I decided to facilitate a drawing and mono-printing workshop, working from an installation of interesting objects sourced from around my home. The class consisted of very fast paced ‘free’ drawing exercises, for example drawing without looking at the paper, using your left hand, etc.


"Drawing tested me, but necessary as part of experience.'’


After about an hour of these exercises, I then showed a variety of mono-printing techniques and gave the participants time to experiment with these processes. The class lasted two hours and seemed to be enjoyable for everyone who took part and a good opportunity to meet new people. It was hugely beneficial for me to gain more confidence in delivering a class and get feedback throughout and at the end with short anonymous forms. Within in the rest of my time as an intern, I would aim to put on another class experimenting with other techniques.


"Having never done drawing before, I found that a bit challenging but really enjoyed the mono-printing. Would like to try another taster."

Holly workshop flyer.jpg
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