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We are delighted to introduce Sadie Stoddart who is currently finishing her BA(hons) at Moray College UHI. Her current practice uses weeds as a metaphor to explore our relationship with the constructed narrative used by the media to discuss topics of a social, political and historical nature. The similarities in the language used to describe displaced plants and displaced people allow an exploration of issues such as control and belonging, to be examined through a different lens. Using collective voices and disjointed phrases she hopes to question the impact this rhetoric has on us and our views on these subjects. Using low value, temporary materials, such as mono-prints on newsprint, Plaster of Paris and found objects to further question the value of both the language and the ways in which they appear in our lives. 

"I’m really excited and honoured to be Circus Artspace’s first intern. As a recent graduate from Moray School of Art it’s great to remain in a creative environment and be part of a community, while remaining in my hometown. I’m looking forward to gaining some hands on experience, being involved in events and developing my own practice."  Sadie Stoddart

Sadie's degree show is open to the public from 17th - 22nd June at Moray College UHI and you can see more of her work on Instagram @sadiestoddart 


Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply for our internship.


Circus Artspace run an internship programme, 4 times a year we will advertise for one intern post. Interns will work as part of the Circus collective gaining first hand experience in all the activities carried out by an artist-run collective. Successful interns will receive a £300 stipend to cover any out of pocket expenses. The next internship Open Call will be advertised from August.


The internship programme has been kindly supported by funding from The Highland Society of London as well as our Crowdfunder backers who adopted an intern – Sam Banister, Andrew Tognarelli, Graeme Roger, Jill Meighan and Micky Johnson. 

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