Liminal Lives Showcase



Collectively, we are in a liminal space; between pre-covid and post-covid, as we move through and out of lockdown. Liminality comes from the Latin word līmen, meaning ‘a threshold.’ Liminal Lives is a postal project aiming to bring individuals together to counteract social isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic and socially distancing measures.


Liminal Lives is an opportunity to create your own postcard and be part of a Scotland-wide socially engaged art project. 


Would you like to express your experiences of 2020 (e.g. of covid-19, lockdown, social distancing) or your perspective of current matters (e.g. social, political, personal, cultural) in a postcard format? Click here to find out how to submit your postcard!

Iris Perrin


'Lockdown for me has been an emotional rollercoaster. 

High stress at the start while working from home, gradually wound its way down 

to a much calmer place. 

Living alone and now furloughed from my job, I miss so very much my family and 

friends. Quiet tears flow often, yet these down times result in creativity highs. 

Poetry, drawings and stories. Feelings. Straight from the heart. 

As the rollercoaster rumbles on, I settle down to a “retired” way of life. 

A different routine, no daily grind. Just relax and unwind, switch off my mind.


I have worked hard all my days, but now, retirement is just around the corner. 

This lockdown has given an unexpected trial run. 

Oh my, how I look forward to living it for real.'

- Iris Perrin, Inverness

Steve Smith

'A gentle cry for Help'.


Nairn Artist Steve Smith, furloughed from work and "locked" out of the studio 
finally has to face up to the interminable Real world


 - Steve Smith, Nairn

Submissions welcome, visit Liminal Lives: A Postal Project to take part!