This billboard was created by artist Frieda Ford in collaboration with Highland Pride. Frieda graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2020. She specialises in film, socially engaged work, and digital collage with an emphasis on green screening and manipulation of found footage and audio. Drawing on a tendency of myth making to appear as a piecing together of archaic ideas with the contemporary, she creates purposefully cliched, iconographic imagery combined with contemporary cultural signifiers of popular culture. She explores queer and feminist theory with an emphasis on accepted heteronormative and patriarchal narratives that dominate contemporary western society. 

Frieda worked with Highland Pride - who preserve and protect the mental and physical health and social welfare of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) people in the Highlands. They also aim to promote fair and equal treatment for LGBTQ+ people by challenging the stigma and discrimination experienced by them at both community and personal level. 

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Photo: Paul Campbell

A series of poems by Tina

A billboard for LGBTQ+ in Inverness 

Because they deserve nothing less. 

Growing up gay here was never easy 

In fact in clubs, it was darn right sleazy 

But Highland Pride is paving the way 

To make it easier to come out as gat 

A billboard, zoom sessions and upcoming march 

Should take away some Invernessian starch  

No longer stuck with a pole up their arse 

Gay pride in Inverness no longer a farce 

We march with flags so we can be seen 

To make it easier for out baby queens 

So a billboard they've given us to help us along 

We can do it through art and being strong 

A billboard will give us a sense of place 

We just want acceptance like the rest of the human race. 


Asexuality is grey 

Rainbow is gay 

Trans is blue and pink 

A lot of colours to make you think 

We all need our own sense of place 

We need to be supportive of each other 

We need to be each other's sister and brother 

Support your relatives support your friends 

Be the life that never ends 

Let legacies live on and on 

Let the world know how bright you've shone 

Be proud of the person you've become 

Let go, live life, be proud and have fun. 

Female icons brave and strong 

Millions of fans can't be wrong 

They became icons to many straight and gay 

But they will always be ours in a special way 

Listening and watching our ladies on screen 

Brought something different to our scene 

So never forget the strong women in your life 

For they are our icons our saviours in our strife.  

Pride in Inverness with the wee frees and Nessie 

I kid you not it could have gotten messy  

But good sense prevailed, and good times were had 

Being gay in Inverness wasn't all that bad 

But pride made me feel included  

No abuse or ill feeling was extruded 

We need to do more for our baby queers 

As Inverness has been hidden for years and years 

It's time to shout it out good and loud 

It's about time Inverness became proud 

Proud of how inclusive we really are 

Proud of how progressive we are by far 

So, let's take the Highlands to the next step 

And build a proper LGBTQ+ family with a positive rep 

Let's show the world how the Highlands have grown  

A generation of young ones who can now be known. 

Patches galore I can't see what they are 

But they have been gathered with love from near and far 

I don't know if they were bought earned or won 

But I imagine collecting them was so much fun 

A collection of mystery and intrigue 

Puts this collection in a whole new league 

Pretty to look at interesting as hell 

Each one has a delicate story to tell 

So, whatever your collection may be  

Show it off with pride so people can see. 


Resource List​






Stories of Scotland - Queer As Folktales podcast (three parts): 



UnDividing Lines Magazine (past issues): An award winning digital magazine issued twice a year written for, and by, LGBTQ+ people of the Highlands. UnDividingLines editor Kevin Crowe had his first collection of short stories published last year by Fly On The Wall Press. Kevin has had his work published in many magazines, most recently in Northwords Now and The Haar. He has read his work in person (prior to Covid lockdown) at the Scottish Parliament, Glasgow's Aye Write Festival, Ullapool Book Festival and John O' Groats Book Festival and since the Covid lockdown online at John O' Groats Book Festival, Fly On The Wall Digital Book Festival and on his own Facebook page. He will shortly be the subject of a Podcast where an actor will read his story "Texan Condoms" and he will be interviewed by a radio presenter; the Podcast will be released as part of Book Week Scotland (15 - 21 November 2021) and World AIDS Day commemorations (1 December 2021).



Dougie Visual’s Highland Pride “In with the out crowd’An exploration and celebration of the LGBTQ+ community in the Scottish Highlands, click on each image to read more about the photography subjects. 



'We're here': A live performance exploring the experiences of LGBTQ+ people living in the Highlands. Keira Smith, from Vivid Roots Collective, has worked in collaboration with the Highland Youth Arts Hub to create a theatre piece which looks at the different experiences of LGBTQ+ people across the Highlands.

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