Evija Laivina

Unit 1: former ‘Beauty Box’

The Dream Box installation is a three-dimensional drawing where the objects are taken out and enlarged from the artist’s two dimensional paintings. The Dream Box is a place where to escape from grim reality. Here you are allowed to dream with your eyes opened and immerse yourself in a different environment. You can find here a dream garden, with a collection of plants from different realities and sweet little Nothings who don’t have any other purpose apart of being cute and beautiful.

Evija Laivina’s past work includes the Beauty Warriors collection of photographs featuring strange and unusual-looking beauty products. The project received the LensCulture Portrait 2017 award and was nominated for Henry Nannen 2019 Award in Germany. In response to the shops former use, as the Beauty Box.


Evija Laivina (1978) was born in Latvia. She graduated from University of Highlands and Islands in 2019 with BA Hons degree in Contemporary Art and Contextualised Practice. Her work explores beauty, body positivity and human condition. Her creative work includes drawing, painting, sculpture, installation and photography. She believes that insights in art are supported by a cross- disciplinary practice and she finds her work in one discipline will influence her work in another.

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