Cailleach Collective

Unit 19: former ‘Lauran's Locks’ hairdresser

Cailleach Collective is a community for, and by, young creatives in the Highlands. It aims to provide space and opportunity for young people to create as their most authentic selves, hoping to make this space as limitless and free as possible. The film shown in Unit 19 tells the story of the collective and outlines their manifesto.


Cara, Maddie, Rosanna and Katie first met in the summer of 2016 at an Artist's Retreat hosted by Room 13 and have each pursued their artistic development since. A collective was always something they wanted to create, but it was not till lockdown this year that they reconnected and launched Cailleach Collective. 


The four artists all feel strongly about increasing access and connection across the arts in the Highlands, to provide opportunities such as they had and where they met. Finding other like-minded people really changed their lives and gave them hope, inspiration and mutual support for the future. The aim of Cailleach Collective is to give others the same feeling of connection that they experience themselves as a group.

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