Sadie Stoddart

Unit 20: former ‘Rattray's Joke Shop, Plants & Seeds’

Sadie takes up the mantle of Nancy who traded in the market for over 40 years with her dad and uncle, focussing particularly on the plants that Nancy stocked and sold. 

Graduating  in Fine Art (Hons) from Moray School of Art UHI in 2019, Sadie’s current practice uses weeds as a metaphor to explore our relationship with the constructed narrative used by the media to discuss topics of a social, political and historical nature. The similarities in the language used to describe displaced plants and displaced people allow an exploration of issues such as control and belonging, to be examined through a different lens. 

Using collective voices and disjointed phrases, Sadie hopes to question the impact this rhetoric has on us and our views on these subjects. In her practice Sadie uses low value, temporary materials, such as mono-prints on newsprint, Plaster of Paris and Papier-mâché to further question the value of both the language and the ways in which they appear in our lives.

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