Sophie Brown

Unit 3: former ‘Esoteric Earth’ crystals 

In Unit 3, our latest graduate intern Sophie Brown will be exhibiting. Sophie graduated from Grays School of Art this year. During her final years of study, her work began to focus on distorting historic Feminist theory on the female body and how it is viewed by society.

Her practice is fundamentally concerned with the formation of Toxic Masculinity within Western society, with particular focus on the study of individuals who have gained large-scale media attention following the #MeToo Movement within the scope of sexual abuse and violence.

Throughout the early days of lockdown, she was inspired by her own frustration at the situation and decided to curate a live-stream exhibition (“I’M A CREEP”) through Instagram that featured 30 minute talks by herself and four other artists over the course of an evening in June. She acted as host, prompting the other participants with questions about their practice and their experiences over the past few months.

Image : I Am The Father Of Four Daughters (detail), sculpture, courtesy of Sophie Brown.

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