Fadzai Mwakutuya

Unit 4: former ‘Da Africa’

Exhibiting in the former Da Africa shop, is Fadzai Mwakutuya, an artist from Zimbabwe living in the Scottish Highlands. As an artivist she's makes thought provoking  socially engaged artwork. "Artivism is my cathartic process to transcend from negative systems of emptying of the neverending clogged mindset." 

Her work explores her identity and sense of purpose within the varied cultural environments she exists in, within the western diaspora and Africa. An introvert by default, Fadzai  is an existentialist preferring to spend solitary time, researching varied concepts. Embedded in her work is the recurring theme of multiple identities, lost or stolen  identities. Reflecting on her creative process Fadzai creates social statements in her art, scrutinising, questioning or challenging convention and norms of human nature.  She finds comfort in both solitary and collaborative creation of artwork rejuvinating in her, a sense of purpose, a form of self expression. Often using unconventional techniques like burning, charring  and creating layers using resist methods, she applies her critical thinking and research process, reflecting on intersectional themes. Her projects forge links with traditional and contemporary practice which inform our diverse cosmopolitan landscape.  Adopting a multi media process allows Fadzai to juxtapose art making methods, layering natural with man made broken found objects.

Image : Cracked Resolution, textile piece, image courtesy of Fadzai Mwakutuya, photograph by Ewan Bush

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