Catriona Meighan

Unit 7: former ‘Rachel Jane, Healer & Holistic Hairdresser’

Exhibiting in Unit 7 is visual artist Catriona Meighan, she has a diverse creative practice exploring the expanded field of painting, printmaking, installation and socially engaged work. Research can involve walking and physically exploring places, looking at archival and historical material, reading, initiating conversations, and working with a range of materials. Outputs can be physical objects, collaborative works, and events. She produces painted works, printmaking, collage, artist books and uses installation and expanded painting when exhibiting work in the public sphere, working in communities and collaborate in a variety of ways. Outcomes of her practice can be a deeper understanding of material process, of a particular theme or issue and a raised awareness of these things in context.

Taking the previous tenant, a hairdresser and healer, as inspiration to investigate aspects of hairdressing and haircare seldom considered. Superstition and hearsay meet a whimsical exploration of salon naming.

Image courtesy of Catriona Meighan

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