Holly Osborne

Unit 8: former ‘The Candy Box’

Exhibiting in Unit 8 is artist Holly Osborne. Osborne graduated from GSA in 2018 and has since returned to the Highlands. Her practice reflects on stereotypes, ideals and mundanity, using drawing, painting, ceramics and sculpture as a vehicle. She is a collector of images, gathering material from a range of different sources - stock photos, screenshots, vintage knitting patterns, adverts, social media, etc. Osbornes artistic practice draws from contemporary sources, finding images mostly from online. She engages with our relationship to image in the PostInternet condition, working from photos taken from television, her phone or even directly from the moving image onscreen as life drawing.

Staged, awkward figures come into play, questioning our aspirations. Engaging with a disquieting humour, she aims to unsettle and seduce with these darkly comical characters. Crude yet witty depictions that grasp the fallacy of image and our perception of others.

Taking inspiration from the units past as The Candy Shop, Osborne’s creating a site specific candy land, complete with strange inhabitants.

Image: Creature, knitted sculpture, 2018-2020, image courtesy of Holly Osborne

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