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SEED BED Reading Group with Fionn Duffy

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Seed Bed artist in residence, Fionn Duffy, would like to invite you to join her at Black Isle Permaculture and Arts to read together.

“The Mower Against Gardens” is a poem by metaphysical poet Andrew Marvell, written in the 1600’s. Marvell uses satire to criticise human meddling with nature for aesthetic ends, and empathises with the natural world at a time when ideologies in Northern Europe were shifting increasingly towards a mechanical view of our environments. This movement in the Early Modern Period laid the groundwork for the exploitation of natural resources and mass movement of species by humans which we see now amplified in late-capitalism and the climate crisis.

Fionn would like to invite you to join her at Black Isle Permaculture and Arts (BIPA), to read together and discuss ideas surrounding shifting historical perspectives of the garden from a place to be controlled or beautified, towards an understanding of the garden as a site for collaborative and responsive care, a place of resilience and sympoiesis (“making-with”).

We will take a short tour of BIPA's small holding before convening in the yurt. Fionn will provide short texts which include poetry, extracts from essays and stories that we will read together during the session. Participants are invited to bring their own texts to share with the group and which reflect their own experiences of the garden, of care and of control.

*Contributions of texts from participants are welcomed but not compulsory.
*No prior reading is necessary before the event.

FREE MINIBUS from Inverness city centre provided (departs Inverness 1:45pm and returns for 4:15pm). We will email you details of the collection point after registration. Please note there is very limited parking at BIPA.

Spaces are limited to 12 people, reserve your place here via Eventbrite to avoid disappointment. Please wear warm clothes and sensible shoes.

This event is part of the Seed Bed Residency - a collaboration between Circus Artspace and Black Isle Permaculture & Arts, supported by Creative Scotland.

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