This billboard was created by ¡P/HONK!, a multidisciplinary collaboration between artists Lotte Fisher and Henri Eagle-Wilsher, in collaboration with SNAP.


Formed in 2018, ¡P/HONK! were initially a trumpet band, they have branched out into interactive performance, podcasting, wearable sculptures and more. They have created physical work in-situ in Glasgow and Montreal, as well as digital, internet-based work. ¡P/HONK! put a heavy emphasis on silliness and humour. They enjoy the challenge of bringing people out of their shells and create environments where people feel comfortable to be themselves and have fun with one another.


¡P/HONK! worked with Special Needs Action Project (SNAP), who exists to improve the lives of young people with additional needs by providing social experiences, building self-esteem, and encouraging independence. They provide opportunities for making friends and socialising supported by our caring and experienced staff and volunteer team.

¡P/HONK! ran a series of four workshops with the group, online and in person, to develop their billboard which features the imagined SNAP Island where everyone and everything is free!

Circus Artspace-90 for web.jpg

Photo: Paul Campbell