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The Wicked Witch:

Depiction and Deception



Film by Sophie Brown, 28 minutes, 2021


This new film from our current graduate intern, Sophie Brown, explores the complexities intwined within the historical iconography of “The Witch” within Fine Art depictions and how this has come to shape our contemporary notions of what it means to be a witch. Taking the format of a video essay the film features various interviews from a spectrum artists and practitioners of paganism and spirituality including Daryl Anderson, Caitlin Robb, Emily M. Hatton, Hollie Beattie and Indya Gray. They discuss how the once inaccurate visual documentation of “The Witch” has begun to shift into a useful tool in which to express female empowerment.

'Growing up in the Highlands of Scotland, I was literally surrounded by the mythology and legend of Witches - so from a young age, I have always found a fascination in not only the stories of fantastical conjuring’s and mystical goings-on, but also in the dark historical accuracy of Scotland’s notorious Witch Trials.


My practice leans mostly on Feminist theory, so this project has really spiked a lot of my own interests in discovering how concerns with power struggle have existed in society, preluding our contemporary understanding. The Wicked Witch: Depiction & Deception” is my first venture into filmmaking and I hope not only provide an informative experience, but also a visually enjoyable watch.'   Sophie Brown

Circus Artspace are hosting an online film screening on Sunday 21 February, 8pm via Zoom, after the event the film will be available to view online. Book your place here, after registering, you will receive a confirmation email about joining the meeting.

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About Sophie Brown

Based in Dingwall, Sophie graduated from Grays School of Art, Aberdeen in 2020 and had to complete her degree show from home during the lockdown.


Sophie's recent work focuses on distorting historic Feminist theory on the female body and how it is viewed by society.  Her practice is fundamentally concerned with the formation of Toxic Masculinity within Western society, with particular focus on the study of individuals who have gained large-scale media attention following the #MeToo Movement within the scope of sexual abuse and violence.

Recent projects include Super Market (2020) with Circus Artspace and the I'm A Creep: Conversations (2020) online series. 

Instagram @by.sophiebrown

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